Operation P.E.A.C.C.E. #3461

Our Story

Operation PEACCE Robotics started in 2010 with four teens who were interested in FIRST Robotics at the high school level. The four teens all came from different high schools, so they decided to approach Litchfield County 4-H and ask to become a 4-H team. Our first year, we went to the Litchfield County 4-H fair with a robot we borrowed from the team mentoring us. As we did more with 4-H and other public events, our team grew from just a few members who were just trying out FIRST, to a solid team where the student members are the leaders. We started meeting in an old store front, made our way to Thomaston High School, later moved to a local business owner’s workshop before reaching our current home at the Arthur G Russell Company. With the help and support of AGR and their exceptional employees, along with our sponsors, we have won multiple competitions and awards over the years. In 2018, we qualified for the Worlds Competition in Detroit, MI for the first time.

What is FIRST

FIRST is an organization created to inspire kids to get involved in robotics and technology (STEM). There are several different programs in FIRST (for different age groups): FIRST Lego League Jr. (K-grade 4), FIRST Lego League (4-8), FIRST Tech Challenge (7-12), and FIRST Robotics Competition (9-12). Our team is FIRST Robotics Competition (or FRC).

Your opportunities in joining us

In joining our team several doors will be opening in front of you. You will have the opportunity to get a head start in the career that interests you (and even if you want to be an artist). The choices are endless, like a painter to a mechanical engineer to a nurse! Additionally, FIRST offers millions in scholarships!

Our FLL teams

We have 3 FLL teams in total, the Minions of PEACCE, the Protectors of PEACCE, and the Bristol Boys and Girls Club. The Minions and the Protectors are standard teams (but not with standard personalities). The Bristol Boys and Girls Club, however, is different and very unique. We have several team members stay and work there almost every day of the week to teach children. The team doesn’t actually compete, but instead they teach lessons about robotics and basically have a playground of legos to experiment with. The original reason behind this is because we had too many kids who wanted to join (we couldn’t simply say no to them).

FTC Team at Bristol Eastern High School

Our team has recently gotten involved with starting a new FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) team at Bristol Eastern High School called “Nerds of Steel”. It is run by Mr. Diaz, the shop teacher. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact (email).

Title Sponsors

Platnum Sponsors

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Fourslide Spring and Stampting

DBM Services

Radcliff Wire Inc.

And a big thank you to our friends and families for personal donations in time, money, and food!

Contact Us

Email: coach@peacce.org