Where Are We Now

Our mission as a 4-H robotics team is to promote engineering, leadership, and community involvement throughout the northwest corner of Connecticut. We strive to teach members leadership and technical skills that will last for their whole lives. We also get the entire team involved in community education and service.

Skills We Build

When you join our team, you automatically become a part of our community. Within this community, you will build numerous skills ranging from mechanics to communication.

Leadership Philosophy

Since the early days of the team we have felt the best leadership model was one where students take charge under the guidance of experienced mentors. All decisions are made by the team, and anyone can present an idea.


Co-Team Captains:Johnny Chea, Carol Pelizzari
Awards:Tanya Weingart
Mechanical:Johnny Chea
Controls:Braeden Mathieson
Public Relations:Morgan Moliengo
Safety:Rowdy Gagnon

Lead Mentors:


The Public Relations team is responsible for creating the information we share with the public. This includes the presentations to our community and potential sponsors, press releases, newsletters, brochures, and many other ways we get team information out into the community.

This committee works on awards avaliable to the team and individuals at competition regarding team work and the meaning of FIRST. It does not just deal with mechanical aspects. This commitee is also in charge of createing the presentation for the prestigious Chairmans' Award.

The sponsor relations commitee works hard to to seek and maintain sponsorships. They also organise and participate in all commuity outreach events.

The robot design and build team is responsible for planning out what exactly the robot is going to do, as well as how we are going to make it in only six weeks. They also are the ones to plan what we need to bring to fix our robot on the spot at competitions in case things go wrong.

Develop and interpret new and old ideas and techniques to create the physical robot.

We wire and and program the robot in java.


Just Some Facts...

We've come a long way since the first four members joined together. Check out some of these statistics.